App Features

Majoor smartphone app covers your health care needs in Qatar. With extensive app features Majoor is your one-in-all solution for health care.

Order Features

From an easy to use search function to a link to upload your prescription, our numerous order
features will make sure that you find what you are looking for quickly and efficiently.

Order Medicines

You will find ordering medicines was never this easy. With our comprehensive search function, you can find and order any medication in the least amount of time. Our easy-to-read and precise categories make browsing through and purchasing medicines a simple task.

Upload Prescriptions

In your lifetime, you will have definitely encountered doctors with illegible hand-writing. It makes it difficult to understand what you have been prescribed. Well worry no more, all you have to do is snap a picture of your prescription, upload it and leave our experts to decipher it. We’ve got you covered!

Schedule Orders

It happens sometimes we are so busy with our work or personal life that forget things. It can be a real problem when it is your or someone else’s regular medicine. Keeping your convenience in mind, we have built-in a scheduling system. We can remind you to buy the medication and even have it scheduled to be delivered to your doorstep with your permission, of course.

Cold Chain Delivery

Not all medicines stay effective at room temperature. For example, some diabetic meds, such as insulin require refrigeration. They need to be kept at a specific cold temperature throughout to maintain their efficacy. We make sure that the medication you have asked for is kept at its optimum temperature before and during delivery.

Best App for Qatar Users

What You'll Find on The Majoor App

When we set the foundation for Majoor, it was to provide a comprehensive medical and pharmaceutical superstore to the people. Any medicine that can be sold in Qatar is available on this App. Medical support products can also be purchased through Majoor. Even medical cosmetics and hygiene products can be searched and bought.


We will allow you to find any medicine that you need that is legally sold in the country of Qatar


Majoor offers to buy Medical cosmetic products like anti allergy creams and other healing products

Skin Care

Gloves, masks, sanitizers, adult diapers, toothpaste and brush, can now be shopped online in Qatar

Baby Products

Get Pediatrics items and childcare products. From diapers to teethers, baby bottles