About Us

Welcome to the page with Information regarding our founders. You will get a glimpse of the genius behind this leap in digital healthcare.

“Dr.Khalid K Al-Hajri” ، Chairman

Leadership experience within the energy sector. He has developed, established, and managed several mega projects in the oil and gas (including LNG) as well as the renewable energy sectors. As an entrepreneur, he has focused his efforts on the digital economy and has experience scaling up businesses from the concept stage to full operations.

Dr. Al-Hajri is also the Secretary-General of the International Chamber of Commerce’s Qatar chapter (QCC) and the Secretary General of Interntional Chamber of Commerce (ICC- Qatar) and a board member in ICC World Chamber Federation (ICC-WCF).

“Eng. Ali Khalid Al-Hajri”, Founder and CEO

Eng. Ali Khalid Al-Hajri is the Chief Executive Officer of Majoor, Qatar’s only approved medicine delivery platform in the digital space. He has a decade of experience in the oil and gas sector, most of it within the project management team that managed the expansion of the gas condensate refinery. He started his career as a chemical engineer in a crude oil refinery.

Eng. Al-Hajri is a bilingual professional with international experience as well as prior experience ideating and establishing start-ups. He helped establish UrbanPoint, Qatar’s premier subscription-based discount application that is now also widely used in Oman and Kuwait. As a new generation Qatari, he has been recognized for his pioneering leadership efforts in Qatar’s start-up space. His goal is to leverage the technology sector to help Qatar achieve its National Vision 2030.

What is Majoor

Majoor is Qatar’s only government-approved medicine delivery platform in the digital space. It aims to simplify the medicine procurement and delivery process thus making visits to the doctor less stressful for patients and their loved ones. It also helps doctors and clinics offer additional services over and above their current offerings thus ensuring greater patient satisfaction.

Majoor is currently available as a mobile app in the Apple AppStore and Google PlayStore.

With ZERO setup costs, Majoor is a cost-free marketing initiative that doctors and clinics can use to build up their practice and offer bundled medication delivery services to patients. Majoor takes a fee only when a patient requires medication to be delivered to a specified location.

Recognizing the need to ensure online availability of a wider variety of healthcare-related products in addition to medicines, Majoor also offers delivery of medical cosmetics, hygiene products, as well as baby care products.

Why Majoor

As a delivery platform approved by Qatar’s Ministry of Public Health (MoPH), Majoor allows doctors and clinics to offer an additional service to patients that would otherwise not be possible. With a network all across Qatar, Majoor ensures delivery of normal as well as urgent medication within previously agreed-upon timeframes.

Majoor’s simplified order-placing platforms allow doctors to ensure that all MoPH requirements are met while enabling speedy placement of delivery orders.

Best App for Qatar Users

What You'll Find on The Majoor App

When we set the foundation for Majoor, it was to provide a comprehensive medical and pharmaceutical superstore to the people. Any medicine that can be sold in Qatar is available on this App. Medical support products can also be purchased through Majoor. Even medical cosmetics and hygiene products can be searched and bought.


We will allow you to find any medicine that you need that is legally sold in the country of Qatar


Majoor offers to buy Medical cosmetic products like anti allergy creams and other healing products

Skin Care

Gloves, masks, sanitizers, adult diapers, toothpaste and brush, can now be shopped online in Qatar

Baby Products

Get Pediatrics items and childcare products. From diapers to teethers, baby bottles