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Smartphone App Features

The Smartphone brought its revolution and pharmacy apps online. Order medicines directly or upload your prescription and get them at the time and place of your choosing. Majoor provides a range of medical products and services, keeping your ease in mind.

How it Works

Install it, register yourself and feed in up to three drop-off locations. Search your meds or med products from an
easy to use interface or upload your prescription and let us find and deliver your meds. It’s as easy as it can be.

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Download Majoor for your Apple or Android Phone

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Upload your prescription and place your order

Hassle Free Payment

Pay with either Cash on Delivery or Credit or Debit Card

Door to Door Delivery for Health Care in Qatar

The current global situation has taught us something valuable – that healthcare and medical practitioners are invaluable. In this present time frame where going out is not advisable, Majoor provides a unique and valuable service to its customers; all the medicines are disinfected and delivered to their doors in a sterile condition. You can even consult a physician through video conferencing from the comfort of your home.

Online Booking for Health Care in Qatar

Majoor has collaborated with various pharmaceutical companies, medical practitioners and various consultants to provide the convenience of digital healthcare to the people of Qatar. This means any medicine that is being sold in Qatar will be available through our online medical shop. It doesn’t stop there, having an immediate video consultation with any type of medical specialist will be made possible.

Simply put, Majoor wants to bring the best of Qatar’s health system within your reach.

What You'll Find on The Majoor App

When we set the foundation for Majoor, it was to provide a comprehensive medical and pharmaceutical superstore to the people. Any medicine that can be sold in Qatar is available on this App. Medical support products can also be purchased through Majoor. Even medical cosmetics and hygiene products can be searched and bought.


We will allow you to find any medicine that you need that is legally sold in the country of Qatar


Majoor offers to buy Medical cosmetic products like anti allergy creams and other healing products

Skin Care

Gloves, masks, sanitizers, adult diapers, toothpaste and brush, can now be shopped online in Qatar

Baby Products

Get Pediatrics items and childcare products. From diapers to teethers, baby bottles


Best App for Qatar Users

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Providing Health Care Solutions Designed for Ease

Majoor is not your average E-commerce store; it is something vastly different. It is an idea with the intent to make quality healthcare accessible regardless of where you are in Qatar. Even if you’re in the desert, all you need is Internet access, and you can call on any of the many doctors and consultants. Through the power of the smartphone, the doctor can visually inspect and or guide you to the most efficient solution for your medical concern or problem.

We know people are busy, we know people need help, we know people will always opt for something that will make their lives easy. That is why we want to revolutionize how medical care is administered; we want to empower the doctor to connect with his patient instantaneously.

We want the patient to get the medicine he needs without stepping outside their door. We understand that sometimes there needs to be a backup; nobody stays forever. We want that backup to be available to every citizen of Qatar. You choose which insurance suits your need.

Fastest way to Get Health Solutions Online

Everything is speeding up, and speed is the factor in demand. Why? Since the faster you are, the more time you save and time is precious. We at Majoor understand that in certain critical conditions you cannot wait to get an appointment with your doctor. You need a fast solution – video consultation. We know you want to save time instead of going to pick your medicine, let us take care of that for you by bringing it to you.